Off Recordings Podcast Episode #49
mixed by
(Cargo Edition, Apparel Music, Moon Harbour)

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Release Date: 10th October 2011


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Out On OFF Recordings:

Teva – Peace Of Mind EP incl. Ekkohaus Remix

Out On Other Labels:

Body & Soul feat. Eeva – Body & Soul incl. Ekkohaus Remix – Noir Music
Korablove – Splash Forward EP incl. Ekkohaus Remix – Apparel Music
Ekkohaus – Dance In The Streets EP – Morris Audio
Ekkohaus – White Winter Lust EP – Cargo Edition
Ekkohaus – Almost Definitely EP – Mule Electronic
and many more…



Ekkohaus was born in Greece. he started with classical music education, but after a few years he decided he had enough and he bought his first Roland drum machine and a cheap synthesizer (1996).
He started releasing his music in 2005 after mixing with a small and talented crew of music lovers in London and almost secretly meeting every Tuesday in a Curtain Road basement.
Since then he has worked a...nd collaborated with quality dance music labels such as Moon Harbour, Cargo Edition, Circus Company, 2020 Vision, Morris Audio, Mule, Safari, Liebe Detail, Kolour, Tsuba, Eklo, Multi Vitamins, Serialism, etc.
He has been performing as a live act since 2005 (using a mix of hardware, software and a wide open sound palette) and as Dj since 2001 (vinyls and cd's).
The last years Ekkohaus has perfomed in special parties like Lokee, Dj's can dance, and legendary clubs like Fabric, Panoramabar, Watergate, Tresor, Cocoon , Space, Rex, Batofar, Harry Clein, and many less known but equally important parties…..
His sound is built around powerful and manipulating vocals, big bass, shuffly beats, frenzied hats, all in a fine mix between house and techno, and wrapped up with subtle political messages...